Our dog Odie has been kennel trained since he was a puppy.  He was very happy in his wire cage kennel and we were happy to know he was safe while we were out.

When he was 4yrs old we moved into a new house and of course his kennel moved with us.  A few weeks after moving in, we left for a couple of hours.  We thought nothing of putting him in his kennel before leaving...after all we've been doing this since he was a puppy.  Unfortunately, this time would not be like the others.

We don't know what set him off, it could have been strange new sounds, strange new  smells, strange new home but whatever it was, something set him off into a panic.  Our first clue that something was wrong was a screeching howl when we opened the front door.  I'll never forget that sound.  We rushed to the kennel to find that Odie had bitten his wire cage kennel and his jaw and teeth were stuck.  His muzzle and gums were cut in his struggles to free himself and blood was all over his face and pooled on the floor.  We could not easily free him but were able to calm him enough so he stopped pulling.  My husband was strong enough to use wire cutters to cut the bars around his muzzle to free Odie.  I don't know how I would have done this myself because I lack the strength...I shudder to think I would not have been unable to free him without breaking more teeth.

Odie was in so much pain and our hearts were broken.  An after hours call to our vet got us an appointment first thing the next morning.  Odie was booked in for surgery to pack and close up a large gash in his upper gum, pull a tooth and fix some other broken teeth.  He will need more surgery in the future to pull out some other cracked teeth but we want him to keep as many teeth as possible for as long as possible.

 Scaring From Kennel

Scaring From Kennel

All this from a wire cage kennel that was supposed to keep him safe.  After this incident I did a bit of research and came to realize that this is not uncommon with these types of kennels and that we were lucky our dog survived...many others didn't.

This is the main reason I do not use wire cage Kennels for grooming. 

Odie has 2 new kennels now.  One is a Dog Whisperer brand that looks like a coffee table.  I removed the wire door completely. 


His other kennel for when we are away is a fabric/mesh kennel.  If ever he gets spooked again he'll just tear through the mesh window instead of hurting himself again.  I'd rather replace the kennel than risk his life.