Maggie LOVES her spa day with Auntie Diane, Maggie never smelled so good and was so shiney and happy. Thanks for doing such a great job with our little girl!
— Kori Ferrigan / Maggie - Black Lab
Best Haircut ever, everyone says so and says how cute she looks
— Cal Vezina / Peanut - Maltese
Let me start by saying O-M-G!! I love coming home to Molly after she has been to see you. She is so proud and happy. I may pay for her but she is one VERY happy customer!! Even better than last time...Thanks D!!!! Molly sends <3 <3
— Brenda Fowler/ Molly - Border Collie
Our Westie is so happy with his grooming yesterday he is walking around like he owns the place, lol. Thanks Diane
Scottie loves his new do, he smells fantastic, he is super soft and his cut was perfect! Thank you, see you soon!
— Alison Rancourt / Scottie the Westie
You did a great job on Suki!!!! She’s absolutely perfect!!!!
— Mary Young / Suki -Aussiedoodle, Murph - Labradoodle
Mindy is happy and looks great !
— Julie Bellemare / Mindy - Terrier X
They look fantastic Iooking forward to Hailey’s appointment so they are all sporting their summer do.... You did a great job.
— Kim Rivard / Charley, Hunter, Hailey - PWDs
Thanks for giving Sky her spa treatment, you did an awesome job thanks, we will definitely be going back again.
— Chantal Laroque / Sky - Golden Retriever
You did such an amazing job on my Bella....we can actually see her pretty face!
— Christian Bouchard / Bella - Terrier x
Wow! Imagine that would have fallen in my house! Thanks! Unbelievable!
— Brenda Doyle / Belle - Black Lab
He looks so cute.... You did a great job Diane. Thanks again...You’re the best!
— Colleen Lacroix / Scout - Shihpoo

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