Choosing a Pet Stylist/Groomer


Choosing a Pet Stylist/Groomer is so much more than just asking about price.  A pet owner also needs to know if the Pet Stylist/Groomer is caring, safe, skilled, trustworthy and professional.  Interviewing a potential Pet Stylist/Groomer can be a little nerve wracking…after all you are trusting him/her with member of your family

Here are some questions you should ask.

1.       What is your Education and Training?

Pet Stylist/Grooming is a skilled trade that requires both education and experience to be proficient and most importantly SAFE. 

2.       Is your business licensed and have proper business permits?

This offers Consumer  protection and also shows commitment and accountability.

3.       Are you Certified in Pet First Aid?

This one is important.  Anyone who works and cares for animals should know how to manage health emergencies  until Veterinary help can be reached.

4.       What is your protocol if a pet is injured or becomes ill?

A responsible Pet Stylist/Groomer should have on file a signed release for him/her to seek Veterinary care if needed.  In the case of an emergency, every moment counts.   Having a signed release will save precious time. 

5.       Do you have Insurance?

As Pet Stylists/Groomers we strive to minimize the risk of injury.  Unfortunately accidents can happen to even the most cautious.  Veterinary care is quite costly and you want to be sure these costs can/will be covered.  A business owner without insurance may leave you with a costly Veterinary bill.

6.       Do you attend workshops and continue your education?

You want a Pet Stylist/Groomer who seeks out and participates in seminars/webinars/continuing education/competitions to further develop their skills and explore the best new products/tools /techniques/discoveries.  The difference between an adequate Pet Stylist and a highly skilled one is our passion and the drive to grow our skills.


7.      Do you use Kennel cages?

Some pets do not do well in Kennel Cages or around loud noises (baking and dryers) If this is you pet look for a place that is cage free. Also some pets are not comfortable around other dogs(either aggressive or fearful)  If this is your pet look for a place that only takes one pet or family at a time.

8.       Do you use heated cage dryers?

Some heated cage dryers can be dangerous if not used correctly or properly supervised.  Pets can overheat and dangerous health conditions can develop quickly.  If you are not comfortable with this or have pets that are more at risk of overheating  look for a Pet Stylist/Groomer who hand dries or uses fans. 

9.       How do you handle nervous or misbehaving pets?

There are many tools, products and tricks of the trade that help keep your pet as calm and comfortable as possible.  A good Pet Stylist/Groomer should be able to explain his/her method and be comfortable with demonstrating should you ask.

10.   What is the cost of grooming and what does it include?

Here is where “if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t” applies.  Some quotes may be low but once you arrive there are “extra” costs added on such as nail clipping, ear cleaning, quality shampoo etc.  Be sure to ask what is included in the package price or an “out the door” price.  Some places who offer bargain prices may be cutting corners by not being registered, licensed, insured, educated or use the safest tools and best products. 

11.   Where can I see examples of your work?

A good way to see a Pet Stylist/Groomer’s skill is to look at their Website or Facebook page for Before and After pictures.  Does the pet look stressed? Does the work area look neat and professional? Does the pet look clean and well groomed?  Does style match what you like? Take the time to read comments and reviews.  A small number of negative reviews is acceptable (not everyone is a good fit) How negative reviews are handled can tell you a lot about a business as well.