How To Prepare Your Dog For His Appointment.


Bathroom Break

Before arriving with your pet, please be sure to take him for a bathroom break.  Accidents do happen and when they do, they can be time consuming to clean/sanitize surfaces and may require a second bath.  This may add to the grooming cost or your appointment may need to be rescheduled or modified.  Also your dog will be calmer if he doesn't have to "go"

Burn Off Some Energy

Burning off energy is especially important for puppies and energetic breeds.  If possible, walk your dog or play with him before his grooming appointment.  A dog full of energy may not be patient enough for some of the grooming procedures making the appointment a bigger challenge for your dog and your groomer.

Dogs New To Grooming

Puppies and dogs new to grooming need to do a little homework to help smooth the grooming experience.  Desensitizing your dog will help your dog's grooming experience be a positive one.  Regularly handling your dog's face, ears, paws and tail with lots of praise should be done whenever your dog is happy and calm...cuddle time is perfect for his homework.

Gently hold your dog's muzzle and turn and lift head

Rub, lift, fold back the ears

Hold and lift paw, hold toes, touch/tap nails, separate and spread toes

Hold, lift and manipulate tail

Be Aware

Make note of any tender or sensitive areas or recent injuries to the skin.  I would hand scissor instead of clip over any tender skin areas and be extra careful while brushing.

Make note of recent injuries or joint pain.  During grooming, I frequently need to move and manipulate the tail and legs.  I would need to know if there are any injuries  and change my procedure so I don't inadvertently cause discomfort or worsen an injury.