The Difference

D's Dog Grooming is a different kind of grooming experience.  Unlike many other groomers, I book only one dog per time slot which eliminates the need for kenneling and reduces the anxiety and distraction of having other dogs in the room. All dogs are Hand Dried which is safer than kennel drying and allows for a nicer finished look to the groom.  Grooming can cause anxiety in most dogs and my calm "one on one" approach helps keep the dogs as calm and cooperative as possible.  I may take longer than your other groomers because I take the time your dog needs to look good and feel good too.

My Story

D's Dog Grooming opened it's doors December 2013 and came to be due to the difficulty I had finding a suitable Groomer for my own dog Odie.  None of the Groomers offered Kennel free services or offered Hand drying (hand drying being more work and more time consuming)  I would not have Odie put in a traditional wire cage kennel after an awful kennel injury that required surgery.  Please see my Wire Cage Horror Story for more information.

I grew tired of picking up Odie still wet from the Groomers then drying him at home...especially in the freezing winter weather.  I decided I would learn how to groom Odie myself at home.  When friends heard what I was doing, many asked if I would do their dogs too.

This is when I decided to jump in with both feet and work towards becoming Certified Groomer and start D's Dog Grooming.